Hempseed Oil

Our Hemp-Infused Hempseed Oils are available in 30, 100, 200 ml  as well as wholesale volumes.


- High in Entourage Terpenes/Terpenoids and Cannabinoids (Mostly CBD);

- Omega 3, 6, and 9 in Perfect Proportion;

- THC below 0.2%.

Our Hemp-Infused Hempseed Oils are available inside Miron glassware for 30, 100 and 200 ml (respectively 1, 3.3, 6.6 US fl oz), as well as wholesale. Our Hemp Infused Hempseed Oils are cannabinoid (CBD) extracts (THC tested lower than 0.2%). They are made using the solvents naturally contained inside hemp seed oil; in order to extract the active principles (cannabinoids - terpenes/terpenoids) contained inside the plant.

Our Hemp-Infused Hempseed Oils perform well for a variety of uses. With their 1% hemp essential oil, our Hemp Infused Hemp Seed Oils deliver the precious hemp terpenes necessary for the optimal assimilation of cannabinoids by the organism.


Our Hemp-Infused Hempseed Oils are made exclusively out of organic hemp.


More generally, all our Hemp-Infused Oils (coconut oil, hempseed oil, and olive oil) function well, both for external AS WELL AS internal applications; and also as prime carrier oil for the dilution of cannabinoid extracts seeking to maximize the entourage effect.

Cannabis Infused Oils can be used in many different ways. By infusing your favorite food-grade oils (olive oil, hemp oil, coconut oil); we open up many more possible uses.

- Edibles:

Oils infused with cannabis permeate via the digestive system where it is the most efficient. Oils may be drizzled over a salad, or even used to cook with on very-low heat. Raw, steam cooked or sauteed veggies, with a little infused oil drizzled on before serving, make a great tasting and very nutritious meal.

- Massage:

Another use for infused oils includes massage oils. By infusing cannabis into oils, and using it in therapeutic-massage, you open up even more applications. When used topically, infused oils work in a whole different way than when ingested. For instance: massaging infused oil into a particular muscle, is a great way to stop muscle aches and spasms.