CBD Spagyric & Supercritical C02 Extracts

Certified Organic Cannabidiol (CBD)

Our Certified Organic Cannabidiol is strongly sought after by professionals, for the formulation of high-grade CBD remedies aiming at maximizing the rate of healing of end-users, albeit capacities of industrial proportions. Our plantations are carefully selected both for their excellent soil properties, as well as their climate, across diverse locations throughout Europe. Our hemp fields are cultivated by a passionate personnel devoted to cooperate together; in order to distribute the best solutions the plant of renown has to offer to everyone. Aside from using the most advanced processes and strictest protocols, from the field to the laboratory; our analysis speak for themselves, as they are ones of the only few to present a measured absolute purity, with 0's for all toxicity tests: contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, DDT, sarin gas (especially in Colorado), and etc...

The Finest Legal Organic Hemp Cannabinoid Extracts on the Market

All our extracts are realized via spagyric extractions from cold alcohol, or with Supercritical CO2 upon request. The organic material we supply is certified by Veritas for the culture, and Ecocert for the transformation. The multiplicity of our small to medium size field operations allow us to produce high quality certified organic hemp at highly competitive prices. 

Compliance and Pricing Details

In order to comply with the domestic laws of the various markets, our CBD extracts are always sold with different maximum specific THC levels :

  • Europe, 0.2%;

  • USA, 0.3%;

  • Switzerland, 1%.

While the extracts' pricing is based on its pure CBD content; keep in mind that oils are always sold with THC levels in due compliance with the domestic laws prevalent in each market, as indicated above.

We only use the best organic solutions to dilute our extracts unless specified otherwise: sesame seed oil (deodorized) ; olive oil; grape seed oil; coconut oil; hemp seed oil; nigel oil; cocoa oil; honey; agave syrup; maple syrup; essential oils (18,000 references); vegetable glycerin (for e-liquids); etc...

Multiple Packaging Options

While our bulk dilutions are always systematically packed in aluminum bottles at no additional cost; we offer various packaging possibilities. So please contact us to find out about the details implied by custom-tailored orders. While our products are normally sold with our logo on it, they can also be shipped with white labeling or with your own label (2 € per bottles).  

Main options include:

A. Plastic or aluminum containers;

B. Patron EOS dispenser syringes (2 or 5 ml) or dispensing Luer Lock Syringe with screw cap (3, 5, or 10 ml);

C. Amber, blue bottles (3, 5, 10, 15, 30, or 50 ml), or violet Miron glass with pipette and screw cap (10, 30, 100, 200 ml, or 1l);

Pure Organic CBD (Cannabinoid) Extracts

Our pure CBD (cannabinoid) extracts come in three various forms; raw, decarboxylated, and purified (distilled-decarboxylated). They can be packaged in jars, capsules, and sublingual syringes to suit the specific needs of every market.

1. Raw Organic CBD (Cannabinoid) Extract

The raw (non-decarboxylated) extract is a compact resin with dark green color which contains all the cannabinoids, the terpenes of the dessicated flowers, as well as waxes and water. Some CBD is still in the acid form: CBDa.

Our raw CBD extracts are tested at an average CBD/THC ratio of 36:1.

The different maximum CBD levels for our raw extracts, according to the specific THC levels of each market are as follow :

  • Europe, 5% CBD and 0.2% THC;

  • USA, 7.5% CBD and 0.3% THC;

  • Switzerland, 36% CBD and 1% THC.

2. Decarboxylated Organic CBD (Cannabinoid) Extract

The decarboxylated extract is a flexible resin also dark green which still contains the wax, yet the remaining post-dessicating terpenes have been completely evaporated (can be reinjected upon request preferably beforehand), and the CBDa present in the non-decarboxylated raw extract has turned into CBD.

Our decarboxylated raw CBD extracts are tested at an average CBD/THC ratio of 24:1.

The different maximum CBD levels for our decarboxylated extracts, according to the specific THC levels of each market are as follow :

  • Europe, 5% CBD and 0.2% THC;

  • USA, 7.9% CBD and 0.3% THC;

  • Switzerland, 24% CBD and 1% THC.

3. Purified Organic CBD (Cannabinoid) Extract (Molecular Distillation Concentrate)

The honey-colored purified extract is free of both wax and chlorophyll. The taste is completely neutral (tasteless) which makes it particularly suitable for both edible and palatable applications, such as capsules or sublingual syringes. Our experience tells us that it is the one of the three types of extracts which can be the easiest bet ingested directly, without a single risk of causing any nausea.

Our purified (decarboxylated-distilled) raw CBD extract are tested at an average CBD/THC ratio of 50:1.

The different maximum CBD levels for our purified extracts, according to the specific THC levels of each market are as follow :

  • Europe, 8% CBD and 0.2% THC;

  • USA, 14% CBD and 0.3% THC;

  • Switzerland, 50% CBD and 1% THC.


Repeated Cannabinoid Profiles of Fractionned Extraction Lead to Customized Products

Take notice that the final extracts from every single one of our 100 liter batches are systematically tested for their cannabinoid profiles, one by one; therefore our clients always know precisely the CBD/THC ratio for each batch; so their purchases can be structured not only in terms of pure CBD rates, but also in terms of specified THC requierements; in order for our service to best suit even the most demanding needs.

Extracting Capacity

We also offer access to extraction capacity for the producers wishing to grow the hemp themselves, yet wishing to outsource its transformation into CBD.

Terpenic Optimization of CBD Extracts Thanks to Pure Hemp Distillates

So far, most cannabinoid extracts are realized using dried flower material, however there is a 60% loss of the terpenic content during the drying stage.


Yet terpenes are recognized to allow a greater assimilation of CBD (and all cannabinoids in general) by the organism, through synergy effect.


Therefore we usually recommend our clients to optimize the terpenic content of their final CBD extracts (raw, decarboxylated or purified), by adding pure hemp essential oil.

Our various 100% Pure Hemp Terpenes Essential Oils.

The nine distinct terpenic profiles of our 100% pure cannabis essential oils currently available are as follow:


- "Green Mango";

- "Hazelnut-Red Berries";




- "PineApple";

"Spicy Lollipop"; and

- "Strawberry".

As a same variety can still produce a relatively wide diversity of terpenic profile types; according to various variables such as the seed generation, soil types, times of harvest and climates; our oils are always referred to not in terms of the strain which produced them but rather in terms of their distinctive fragrances and aromas.

A summary of the terpenic profiles for each essential oil type is available in the Pure Hemp Essential Oil page of the Hemp Product section, as well as their chromatographic analysis and the complete list of elements in the List of Complete Terpenic Profiles page in the Art&Facts section.

We look at the quantity of original material necessary to obtain both the essential oil and the cannabinoid extracts, one batch after another; in order to assess in which optimal proportions shall the two be added to one another.

Clients may then choose to receive their CBD extracts and distillates (100% pure hemp terpenes) in separate containers or already added to one another, in the requested proportions.

Soon Coming Up!

The first 100% Certified Organic 99.5% Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate (Crystal), of modern times!...


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Wholesale 99.88%-CBD Isolate from organic hemp plants (Kompolti)

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