List of HSI's Major Acccomplishments & Realizations :


HSI boasts the largest collection of full-spectrum Cannabis sativa terpenes (hemp essential oils), offering the essences of over 30 different cultivars in stock, all 100% pure and natural, from certified organic or organic legal hemp.


HSI has revealed the many benefits of legal agricultural EU dioecious hemp seeds, in order to cultivate high-grade outdoor seedless buds "Jamaican sinsemilla style" ; at the most affordable costs, thus the lowest possible final retail prices for patients and customers (1 €/g retail price)!


HSI lists the largest diversity of options for high-grade EU buds, as well as highly aromatic floral leaves, for the creation of the best herbal hemp blends and teas on the market (strictly below 0.2% THC).


HSI's "miracle oils" which contains HSI's exclusive hemp-only terpenes exhibit phytocannabinoid-like properties, yet are 100% cannabinoid-free! Preliminary reports suggest the 120 to 240 terpenes inside HSI's oils could make them more efficient than ordinary "CBD (phytocannabinoids) oils" which are generally the result of dilutions from extracts made out of already dried material, yet depleted of most of their terpenic content...


HSI also happens to have made manifest the legendary Cannabis fragrance, with an aroma which is 100% legal hemp-based.


HSI then innovated further with the fruition of the first aromatic liquid for e-device, with an original herb flavor 100% hemp-based ; in contrast with those from commercial brands which all resort to artificial profiles fabricated out of non-hemp terpenes.


HSI has established a hub for multiple hemp applications, with an entire army of affiliate farmers, scientists from various laboratories, as well as international market makers, all working as one to provide comprehensive custom-tailored solutions, at all levels of the supply chain.


HSI distributes more than 300 different hemp items, each packaged in multiple volumes.


HSI offers the immediate B2B supply of close to 50 standards, spreading over more than 500 hemp wholesale products.


HSI's products and ingredients are always certified organic or organic.


HSI deploys biophotonic glassware which maximizes the shelf-life of a product while glass is more respectful of nature than plastic.


HSI's products tags are now also available in hemp paper upon demand !...