Multipurpose, our Nobacco Not-Pot, Ready to-Use CBD cannabis flowers exist so far in 3 strains:


Carmagnola, Futura 75, & Santhica 27;


They are available in jars of multiple sizes: 5, 10, 30, or 50 grams.


Their THC is always strictly lower than 0.2%; therefore they are 100% legal.



They naturally exhibit various aromas (terpenic modulations) and cannabinoid profiles:


- Carmagnola: delightful floral fragrance; 5-6% CBD; 

- Futura 75: fine citrus fragrance, 1.5-2% CBD;

- Santhica 27: sweet pine fragrance; 1.5-2% CBG; 1.5% CBD; THC <0.002%.


They are manually manicured and prepared for immediate use.

Our organically cultivated and hand selected dried flowers (Cannabis sativa) naturally contain a relatively high level of CBG, and/or CBD (& CBDa) and terpenes.

In due compliance with current European laws, all our flowers proceed from strains which are rich in CBD (cannabidiol), and other cannabinoids; yet low in THC.

We advise to maintain the continuous quality of our ready-to-use flowers by keeping them away from light, heat and humidity.



Cannabis Flowers

Ready-to-Use (Manicured & Grinded)


-High Cannabidiol & Cannabigerol, etc...;

Low Tetrahydrocannabinol-