HempSeed Oil Spray

Our Terpenes+ Spray is available in 50 ml, 100 ml and 150 ml.

Our Terpenes+ Spray is can be used for the Well-Being, as Superfood, cosmetic, Massage Oil & Hair Conditioner.

Ingredients: organic hemp seed oil, organic hemp (Cannabis sativa) essential oil.

Our Terpenes+ Spray boasts all the natural active principles of organic hempseed oil with those of hemp essential oil.

Instead of containing up to 1 or 2 % of hydrodistillation hemp essential oil as the other products we propose which incorporate some of it; our Terpenes+ Spray ​is only made with a few drops, as a few drops suffice!

The spray makes it a valuable tool in the kitchen or on the table as a seasoning, as well as in the bathroom.

Indeed, the many properties of our Terpenes+ Spray​ include:

- Anibacterial,

- Antiviral,

- Antifungal,

- Antioxidant,

- Anti-inflammatory,

- Skin regenerative,

- Cardioprotective.