The ANOINTING OIL Initiative consists in making provisions for the distribution of hemp based remedies to the less fortunate, free of charge.


For cancers and tumorous conditions, hemp cannabinoid extracts are considered to have a 70-80% healing rate (c.f. R. Simpson's experiment); mainly when the patients have not yet already gotten too tired by chemotherapy treatment(s), and/or have already suffered the ablation of an organ, or part of it.


For the degenerative diseases and conditions which it cannot completely heal; hemp can contribute to reduce the many debilitating symptoms; so as to at least allow the patient to remain functional.  


While at HSI, we have already taken on ourselves the duty to use our own profits, in order to freely supply remedies to those in the need; we also strongly encourage our customers and fellow human beings to assist us in such a task; as life is equally valuable for everyone, above all for those without sufficient material wealth to access the appropriate clinical treatment(s). 


The Association of Ethiopian Unity is the association we chose to be in charge of voluntarily administrating the dispensation of our remedies to the underprivileged.