Hemp Essential Oil Forward Contracts

Our team of hemp producers and experts have worked together; in order to bring standardized delivery terms, for the best of pure (terpenic) hemp essential oils currently available on the market, at the best possible price, for all markets paticipants: professionals, as well as large and small investors alike.


If agriculture is key for industrial growth and if the anticipated purchase of harvests makes a stronger agriculture; then Forwards Contracts are a harbinger of economic prosperity.


Make money grow in the trees of life, on the banks of the river; instead of letting your money sleep in the bank! Check out our Hemp Essential Oil Forward Contracts: the most liquid assets in their category.

HSE Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Essential Oil Forward Contracts are available in multiple denominations: 1g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 500g and 1Kg. Each Hemp Essential Oil Forward Contract comes with a paper script working both as a certificate of ownership and authenticity. Also provided is the complete terpenic profile for each of the delivered Hemp Essential Oils, realized by gaz chromatography (over 99.8% of elements identified) and performed by a renown independent laboratory.


While we give customers the possibility to choose among the different types of Hemp Essential Oils for which we already have a terpenic profile available ("Citrus-Apricot""Arlequin"; "PineApple"; "Green Mango"); this year they should also be able to possibly choose amongst eight new types for which the respective names and terpenic profiles will be communicated, after the results of the analysis upon distillation.


Please take notice that the names of the different types of Hemp Essential Oils are reflective of their aromatic character, rather than the hemp strains from which they proceed. Due to the natural genetic evolution of species amidst other variables; two different generations of seeds with the same name, from the same breeder or seed bank, can produce varying results from one year to the next; even if both are grown with the same exact conditions.


Take also notice that the December 2016 contracts for delivery December 1st 2016, at the lastest (usually before), stops trading at 12:00pm, june 30st 2016. All contracts bought after the deadline for the 2016 delivery will be good for delivery in 2017. Hemp Essential Oil Forward Contracts are available for purchase at the Online Store .