"The Fragrant/Sweet King"


Organic Hemp (Cannabis sativa)

Fragrant Water


Our Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Fragrant Water come in 6 various flavors: "Spicy Lollipop"; "Citrus-Apricot""PineApple"; "Green Mango"; Four (4) Strains; and Lime-Hemp Flower.  It is available in various sizes: 15 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml.

In Malagasy (language of Madagascar), the word for "God" is "Andriamanitra" (pronounced አንጃማንቻ, "ANDJAMANCHA") and it signifies "Fragrant", "Sweet", "King".


Since our recipes calls for the naturally ocurring inulin from organic agave syrup to allow the blending of essential oil with pure water, we find the signification behind the ancestral Malagasy term to be particularly reminiscent of our Hemp Fragrant Waters' very own effect.


Our Hemp Fragrant Waters smell and taste like your favorite ganjah strains, yet are 100% legal (No THC).

Our Hemp Fragrant Waters can be used as a freshener for both the mouth, the skin, the hair, and the air, as the tiny scented water drops encapsulate and neutralize fool odors.

While our Hemp Fragrant Water currently exist in 6 various fragrances, there are many other bouquets on the way and we welcome special custom orders blending the scent of your favorite essential oils with the ones from hemp!...


100% organic; contain no alcohol. No synthetic solvent & chemical-free