Hemp Essential Water

Our Hemp Essential Water is currently available in 15 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml.

Essential Water, a. k. a.

Hydrosol, Hydrolate, Herbal Distillate


A good hydrosol is concentrated in active ingredients, and therefore has a powerful odor, it is not diluted, and when the distillation is retained only the first liters of distilled water, that is to say those the richest in volatile and active molecules.
Unlike essential oils, floral waters can be paid directly into water or liquid, they blend perfectly with water and give you water with incomparable subtle flavors. Hydrosols lose the majority of their olfactory, gustatory and therapeutic properties upon curing.
Hydrosols are used in cooking especially in pastries, sauces and drinks, to flavor dishes, or for the preparation of perfumes or cosmetics especially for facial and water to flavor the iron clothes.
The hydrolatherapy is to provide care through hydrolates to maintain health or cure. Hydrosols are used in cures and treatments, pure or diluted.

Internal use
Hydrosols are administered internally, orally, or gargle with mouthwash, enemas nose in irrigation. They are used often diluted in water or in an infusion.
To make a tea, add 1 teaspoon of medicated water in a mug or a glass of warm or slightly warm water. You can also prepare a bottle by adding 1 tablespoon in a liter of medicated water or sparkling spring water to drink, plain or with lemon juice, for example in the day, to enjoy the medicinal properties the plant.

The external use
Externally, hydrosols are used as cleaner for small wounds or infections. They can be applied on the skin, friction massage, enforced through a cotton compress soaked or put on the area to treat or spray directly on the face or body. They can be added to bath water or in brumisantes fountains or mist diffusers.



Aromatic baths


You can pay or medicated water in the tub for bathing adults like children for aromatic baths, tonic, refreshing, pleasant and relaxes the skin and smell.


Learn more about the manufacturing of products for the bath and shower, how to make his bath products "house" and make yourself her shower products: bath salts, shower gels, bombs, candy, pastilles, sugar, jellies, bubble bars for the shower or bath ... with or without hydrolats.




Hydrosols are basic ingredients in the manufacture of cosmetics. For facial, body and hair, use hydrosols, they are tonics ideals, to choose according to their own qualities. They have an acidic pH that will allow the skin to regain the balance it needs after cleansing. They can be used pure or integrated into a formula, such as cleansing or moisturizing tonic.


Hydrosols have soothing, refreshing, cleansing, protective, nourishing. You can use a spray bottle to spray on the face or body to retain their suppleness and radiance. You can use either a hydrosol or a mixture of several hydrolats for additional effects. In preparing small amounts of these cosmetics for one or two weeks, you will have products of impeccable freshness.


Household Uses


You can also use the Hydrolats in the manufacture of cleaning products or household, for example to scent linen with the steam pressing iron.


Culinary uses

Hydrolates possess a more subtle flavor and aroma than than essential oils, making them perfectly appropriate inside the kitchen. Indeed our Hemp Floral Water can be incorporated to your favorite juice recipes, for baking bread, as broth inside soup; 1 tablespoon at a time.

Our Hemp Floral Waters are available in 15 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml; Online Store.