The 70,000+ modern-day tree-view applications of hemp branch out towards raw as well as semi-finished and finished materials which can be derived for a growing multiplicity of uses.

The UNIVERSAL HEMP EXCHANGE is an initiative aiming at bringing to the market place hemp derivatives, at all levels of the supply chain, from various producers in the hemp universe. On top of the more usual staple of seeds, hempseed oil, bast and fibrous apps, the recent advances are rather oriented towards the aerial parts at the source of  extracts, essential oils, or even the proverbial Nobacco-NotPot !

This is why at www.hempserv.ch, we are devoted to bring our humble expertise and extensive knowledge of all the least market intricacies; not only to allow the fairest pricing of international hemp derivatives; but also to direct our affiliate producers and clients towards the appropriate industrial process(es) and commercial conduit(s) worldwide.