Olive Oil

Our Hemp-Infused Olive Oils are available in 30, 100, 200 ml; as well as wholesale volumes.


Our organic Hemp-Infused Olive Oils are essentially hemp cannabinoid extracts (THC tested lower than 0.2%), obtained by traditional method of extraction, using the solvent naturally present inside hempseed oil. Each batch is optimized with 100% pure and natural full-range cannabis terpenoids naturally contained inside the essential oils stemming from the hydrodistillation of selected hemp cultivars.


Our exclusive proprietary terpenoid blend originates from 10 of our unique organic hemp (Cannabis sativa) essential oils; as terpenes/terpenoids are recognized to improve the assimilation of cannabinoids  by the organism (synergy effect), in a more beneficial way when it involves terpenes -as for cannabinoids- from as many strains as possible (entourage effect).

Hemp-Infused Olive Oils, can also be used as alcohol-free oil fragrance. 


As a food seasoning (used raw), it can also get incorporated into your favorite dishes and recipes.


Its odoriferous fragrance applied on the skin is a healthier and more graceful option than most luxury yet synthetic unguents.