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Now that most people already got tired of inhaling "Cannabis" E-Liquids made from non-hemp terpenes, the Full-Spectrum Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Terpenes (TERPs) contained inside HSI's e-TERPs, makes it the number one legal Cannabis e-liquid, PCs-Like (CBD-Like), yet 100% PCs-free!

Indeed the more than 60 TERPs inside HSI's Full-Spectrum Hemp Terpenes (TERPs) and e-TERPs, procure an effect described as CBD-Like (PCs-Like), yet do not contain the least amount of Phytocannabinoids (PCs), including CBD and THC.

Such a Phytocannabinoids-Like effect is directly linked to the ampler diversity of compounds and active principles naturally contained inside HSI's e-TERPs, compared to the 20 or so contained inside e-liquids which are derived from bootleg terpenic profiles.

Not only the inhalation of HSI's e-TERPs reportedly "feels" like the one of Cannabis buds (Fructiferous Tops), but it also "tastes" like it. The reason why HSI's e-TERPs taste so much like Cannabis is because they all contain HSI's Full-Spectrum Hemp Terpenes (TERPs), individually or as assemblages (blends) of essences from multiple cultivars.

Individual Cultivars such as Antal, Carmagnola, Dioica 88, Finola, Kompolti, KC Virtus, Tiborszallasi, as well as Futura 75, Fedora 17, and many others all possess their own organoleptic qualities (fragrance and aroma), all subtly nuanced one from another. Conoisseurs may now appreciate the variety of aromas which naturally stem from the same one plant specie.

Since each aroma is the direct expression of a specific terpenic profile modulo while the many terpenes naturally found inside hemp and nature exhibit various therapeutic properties, it signifies that HSI's Full-Spectrum Hemp TERPs and formulations containing a suitable amount of them, such as e-TERPS, not only taste like cannabis, but also deliver its therapeuthic benefits, in an immediately assimilable form, when inhaled by vaporization (15 seconds).

Assemblages (blends) are directed especially towards professionals and physicians for patients looking for blends possessing the amplest field of action for therapeutic applications (cf. Ten-Cultivar Blend, Carmagnola-Kompolti assemblage, MultiFruit Punch, ...)

Like wine systematically blending multiple vintages in order to obtain better final renderings, hemp terpenes are also well suited for the creation of assemblages which not only cover a wider scope of therapeutic applications than individual TERPs, but also just taste generally better; for those who prefer focusing on the aromatic and/ or creative aspect(s) of e-TERPS and Full-Spectrum Hemp Terpenes (TERPs).

Hayle Selassé

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