Full-Spectrum Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Terpenes

Updated: May 12, 2019

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Hemp (Cannabis sativa) is the most aromatic plant specie in nature for its fructiferous tops (buds) naturally exhibit the greatest amount of organoleptic (fragrance and flavor) nuances and produces Full-Spectrum Hemp Terpenes (TERPs) with multiple fragrances and flavors, grouped according to the following realms:

- mineral , ie. metal and soil aromas;

- vegetal, ie. jasmine flower, citrus fragrance or mango fruit flavor;

- animal, ie. musk or skunk scents;

- synthetic, ie bubble gum-like aroma.

Those are just a few examples of the myriads of aromatic renderings naturally made possible from just one plant specie.

Such an aromatic diversity is reflected in the many subtle nuances from one Full-Spectrum Terpenes (TERPs) type to the next with various terpenes modulos producing corresponding organoleptic

This is due to the fact that HSI's Full-Spectrum Hemp Terpenes (TERPs) systematically contain over 100 terpenes and terpenoids. Such a large number of active principles is the reason why HSI's Full-Spectrum Hemp Terpenes (TERPs) are far superior to commercial terpenes, which are approximative man-made imitations of terpenic profiles from famous hemp cultivars, yet are usually made out of only 20 isolated terpenes, or so.

Below is the list of close to 30 cultivars and assemblages from which HSI is famous for distillating their essences, making the company the one offering the largest choice of Full-Spectrum Hemp Terpenes (TERPs):

- Antal (Jasmine Haze Phenotype); - Bialobrzeskie;

- Carmagnola;

- Carmagnola-Kompolti (Proprietary Assemblage);

- CS (Mystic King Phenotype);

- Dioica 88 (Lemon Candy Phenotype);

- Fedora 17;

- Felina 32;

- Ferimon;

- Finola (Pink Cheese Phenotype);

- Floral Power (Proprietary Assemblage);

- Futura 75;

- Himalaya Heirloom;

- KC Dora;

- KC Virtus (Grapefruit Skunk Phenotype);

- KC Zuzana;

- Kompolt (Pineapple Xpresso Phenotype);

- Ivory;

- Markant;

- Multifruit Punch (Proprietary Assemblage);

- Santhica 27;

- Santhica 70;

- Secuieni Jubileu;

- Ten-Cultivar Blend (Proprietary Assemblage);

- Tiborszallasi (Tropical 1 Phenotype);

- Tygra;

- Wallizer Queen;

- Zenith.

As with wine, assemblages (blends) produces finer aromas overall, with applications for the widest possible range of conditions.

All available are in 0.5 ml, 1 ml, 1.5 ml and 2 ml; as well as wholesale upon demand.

For the terpenic profile of some of our Full-Spectrum Hemp Terpenes (TERPs), refer to the analysis inside the joint article titled "Full-Spectrum Terpenic Profile".

Hayle Selassé

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