Secuieni Jubileu

- 500 seeds -

These certified hemp seeds are guaranteed with a THC level lower than 0.2%; thus 100% legal, yet still highly regulated in most countries. Therefore verify your domestic laws, as the Hemp Service Enterprise declines any responsibility for the misuse of any of the products it sells.

Romanian EU registered Cannabis Sativa L. variety;

For continental climate;

Recommended for grain;

Certified Hemp Seeds - Secuieni Jubileu, 500 seeds

  • Romanian EU registered Cannabis Sativa L. variety;

    Recommended for grain;

    Monoecious (plants bear flowers of both sexes)

    THC content (dry weight percentage): lower than 0.04%;

    CBD content: 0.5-1.0%;

    For continental climate;

    Yield (dry ton, per hectare):

    • Biomass (fibers and hurds for bale tonnage for factory), 8-10 dT;

    • Seeds, 1-1.2 dT;

    Height at maturity: 150-200 cm;

    Fiber output as a percentage of the dry weight: 26-30%;

    Oil content in seed: greater than 32%;

    100 days vegetative cycle;

    Disclaimer: data are for indicative purposes only and thus are not legally binding. These seeds are especially for sowing and thus are not suitable for human or animal consumption.

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