Ingredients: sprouted organic hemp seeds, toasted organic sesame seeds, organic nori.

200 g – 7.05 oz

Gomasio (also spelled gomashio, hiragana: ごま塩) is a traditional Japanese dry condiment made from unhulled sesame seeds (ごま, goma) and salt (塩, shio). It is usually sprinkled over plain rice, but can also be used with salad, soup, pastas or else.

More recently, the term algomasio has been applied to gomasio with seaweed; while the term omegasio has emerged to describe gomasio with omega-packed hemp seeds. Hence we use the term algomegasio, in order to refer to gomasio which contains both seaweed and hemp seeds.

In macrobiotic cuisine, gomasio is used as a healthier alternative to ordinary salt.

Gomasio - Algomegasio - 200g


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