- Coconut Oil Macerate of Hemp Inflorescence-

Ingredients: organic coconut oil from the Philippines; organic hemp inflorescence.

Cannabinoid Extract (THC below 0.2%)

While we do not promote direct sun exposure, especially for lighter skin complexions; coconut oil naturally has a Sun Protection Factor of 4-10; this is why our Hemp Coco Oil works especially well as a daytime unguent. 

5 ml - 0.16 US fl oz

Hemp Coco Oil (High CBG) - 5ml

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  • Like the wide majority of our creations, our Hemp Coco Oils perform well both as therapeutics, cosmetics and foods.

    Hemp Coco Oil is multiuse (check list below). It can be used internally as a periodical cure or day-to-day preventively. It works well externally; notably as a naturally healthy and luminous skin moisturizer; as well as for sun protection (SPF4).

    For nutrition, our Hemp Coco Oil can also get incorporated into your favorite dishes and recipes; as a preferred option over butter or oil (avoid cooking to preserve aromatic fullness).

    Coconut oil has a melting point of 24-25°C (76-78°F).

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