- Coconut Oil Macerate of Hemp Inflorescence & its Essential Oil -

Ingredients: organic coconut oil from the Philippines; organic hemp inflorescence; organic hemp (Cannabis sativa) inflorescence essential oil.

Hemp Terpenes-Enriched Cannabinoid Extract (THC below 0.2%) 

5 ml - 0.16 US fl oz

Cannabinoid Profile: CBG is the dominant cannabinoid.

Terpenic Profile of "Arlequin" Essential Oil : β-CARYOPHYLLENE, 19.83%; SELINA-3,7-DIENE, 15.69%; β-MYRCENE, 7.75%; α-HUMULENE, 7.27%; α-PINENE, 3.52%; GERMACRENE B, 3.48%; α-BISABOLENE, 3.11%; α-Trans-BERGAMONTENE, 2.98%; E-β-FARSENE, 2.92%; LIMONENE, 2.59%.

Hemp Coco Chrism "Arlequin" 5ml, High CBG & Terp's

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  • Like the wide majority of our creations, our Hemp Coco Chrisms perform well both as therapeutics, cosmetics and foods.

    Our hemp infused coconut oil is enriched with hemp (Cannabis sativa) inflorescence essential oil from the same strain from which the maceration is realized. Therefore, our Hemp Coco Chrisms contain the precious hemp terpenes necessary for the optimal assimilation of cannabinoids by the organism.

    For nutrition, our Hemp Coco Oil can also get incorporated into your favorite dishes and recipes; as a preferred option over butter or oil (avoid cooking to preserve aromatic fullness).

    The naturally rich aroma of our Hemp Coco Chrism applied on the skin is a healthier and more graceful option than most luxury yet synthetic perfumes.

    Indeed the uniqueness of our Hemp Coco Chrism's bouquet of aromatic subtleties is furthermore enhanced given the fact that the whole composition calls for natural ingredients coming only from 2 vegetables: hemp and coconut!

    Coconut oil has a melting point of 24-25°C (76-78°F).

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