Ingredients: hemp seed oil, 98%; "Damask Rose" (Citrus aurantifolia) essential oil , 2%.

5 ml - 0.16 US fl oz

High content of omega 3, 6 & 9 in perfect proportion; tested cannabinoid free (no THC).

Damask Rose DoubleOil - 5ml

  • Damask rose DoubleOil

    Damask rose oil soothes and harmonizes the mind and helps with depression, anger, grief, fear, nervous tension and stress and at the same time addresses self-nurturing, self esteem and dealing with emotional problems.

    It is mostly helpful for poor circulation and heart problems, which would include heart palpitations, arrhythmia as well as high blood pressure. It is also used to boost the liver and gall bladder.

    For the respiratory system Damask rose oil assists in cases of asthma, coughs and hay fever. For the digestive system it is useful for liver congestion and nausea.

    On the skin, it is effective as a moisturizer and hydration; while having a general stimulant and antiseptic action.

    It helps to reduce skin redness, fight inflammations, as well as fix broken capillaries on the skin and also acts as a general skin tonic with astringent properties.

    Rose essential oil is frequently recommended by aromatherapists for its antidepressant and mood-boosting properties used to soothe the nerves, calm the nervous system and act as a tonic to relieve symptoms of depression.

    It is useful in treating and disinfecting minor cuts and scrapes.

    Antispasmodic: Rose essential oil efficiently relieves spasms in the respiratory system and intestines, as well as muscular spasms in various limbs. It also helps to cure convulsions, muscle pulls and cramps.

    Antiviral: It protects against many different types of viral infections.

    Aphrodisiac: It reduces symptoms of sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction.

    Astringent: The astringent property of rose essential oil has many benefits. It strengthens gums and hair roots, while toning and lifting skin, and contracting muscles, intestines and blood vessels. This gives protection against the untimely loss of teeth and hair, wrinkles, the loss of firmness of intestines and muscles of the abdominal area and limbs associated with aging. It also helps to stop the flow of blood from wounds and cuts by contracting the blood vessels

    Bactericidal: It is a good bactericide. It can be used in the treatment of typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, food poisoning and other diseases which are caused by bacteria. Furthermore, it can cure internal bacterial infections like those in the colon, stomach, intestines and urinary tract, as well as external infections on the skin, ears, eyes and wounds.

    Cicatrisant: It makes the scars and after marks of boils, acne and pox on the skin fade quickly. This includes the fading of stretch marks, surgery scars, and fat cracks associated with pregnancy and delivery. Much of this is due to the antioxidant activity of rose essential oil, which spurs on the healing processes of the skin.

    Depurative: Rose essential oil purifies the blood by helping in the removal and neutralization of toxins. Once your blood is purified and free of toxins; you are protected from nuisances like boils, rashes, ulcers, and skin diseases; as well as more serious conditions that free radicals can cause, like cancer and heart disease.

    Emmenagogue: It stimulates the hormone secretions which trigger menstruation. It is particularly effective on those who are suffering from obstructed and irregular menses. It also eases cramps, nausea, and fatigue while reducing the pain associated with menstruation and Post-Menopausal Syndrome.

    Hemostatic: This property of the rose essential oil can be very useful for people who are suffering from hemorrhaging (bleeding, external or internal) after an injury or surgery. This speeds up clotting and coagulation of blood and stops excessive bleeding;

    Hepatic: This simply means that rose essential oil is good for the health of the liver. It keeps it strong, properly functioning and protected from infections. It also treats problems like the excess flow of bile, acids and ulcers.

    Laxative: There cannot be a laxative with a better scent than this. It can serve as a harmless and effective laxative with a beautiful smell causing no adverse side effects. It also influences the intestinal and anal muscles to help clear bowels. This helps in losing weight and preventing excess toxicity in the body.

    Nervine: Rose essential oil acts as a tonic for the nerves. It gives them strength to bear shock and protects them from disorders resulting from age and injuries.

    Stomachic: Rose oil is a stomachic as well. It soothes the stomach, sedates inflammation, helps it function properly and protects it from infections. It also protects it from ulcers which often develop due to over production of acids and their release into the stomach.

    Cholagogue: It promotes the flow of bile from the gall bladder and helps to regulate the acid levels in the stomach and the blood, thus keeping you safe from problems like acidity and acidosis.

    Uterine: Rose essential oil can take care of many feminine problems such as uterine discharge, tumors, bleeding, and irregular menses. It purifies the uterus as well, and keeps it functioning properly even in advanced age, thereby delaying menopause. Damask rose oil has a clearing, cleansing and purifying effect on the female sex organs and can be used for regulating and balancing hormones, functional infertility, leucorrhoea, menorrhagia, uterine bleeding and other uterine disorders;while having a general toning effect on the uterus. It serves to increase feelings of love, compassion and devotion, and acts as a tonic for the female reproductive system.

    Other Benefits: It regulates hormone production and helps to balance them throughout the body. It is one of the best oils to give you shining, fresh and youthful skin. Its aroma keeps you charged and feeling happy. It promotes circulation, takes care of the heart, reduces blood pressure and helps to cure headaches, asthma, dehydration and various other infections.

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