Ingredients: organic agave syrup from Mexico; hemp (cannabis Sativa) inflorescence essential oil.

Agave syrup is known to relieve most coughs and help soothe a sore throat; while the terpenes inside hemp essential oil are recognized to boost the immune system. Agave syrup also has a lower glycemic index than conventional sweeteners.

Chefs also use our Hemp Syrup Electuary as a base to compose hemp-flavored preparations.

It can also serve as a supplement to feed honeybees; in order to diminish the severity of the colony collapse during the winter.

20 mL - 0.67 US fl oz

Hemp Syrup Electuary - 20mL

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  • Electuary: A medicinal substance mixed with honey or another sweet substance.

    While most customers purchase our hemp syrup electuary to appease sore throat & to boost their immune system against cold and flu the high content in essential oil and its pure organic agave syrup base makes it a key component for many advanced culinary preparations.

    Following is organic agave syrup glycemic index compared to other  known sweeteners

    Organic Agave Nectar 27
    Fructose (fruit sugar) 32
    Lactose (milk sugar) 65
    Honey 83
    High fructose corn syrup 89
    Sucrose (sugar) 92
    Glucose 137
    Glucose tablets 146
    Maltodextrin 150
    Maltose 150

    The Aztecs used a mixture of agave nectar and organic salt as a dressing for wounds and a balm for skin  infections, and agave's use as a folk remedy persists today. Agave nectar applied to the skin has been found effective against pyogenic (pus producing) bacteria such as Staph aureus. And the tradition of adding salt to the nectar has been found to further boost its anti-microbial property. Agave nectar has also been proven effective against enteric (intestinal) bacteria.

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