50 g Hemp Essential Oil Forward Contract - December '16 -

Note that you are only buying the delivery of the stipulated quantity of hemp essential oil at a future date, before:

December 1st 2016

Ingredient: 100% organic pure & natural hemp (Cannabis sativa) inflorescence essential oil

High Terpenic Content; Cannabinoid Free (No THC)

50 g - 1.76 US oz*

*1 Kg of hemp essential oil approximately weights 950 g.

Hemp Essential Oil Forward Contract 2016 - 50g

  • Hemp Essential Oil Forward Contract:

    The most liquid asset of its kind!...

    Due to the growing popularity of hemp essential oil investing for health, business or both; the Hemp Service Enterprise (HSE) is pleased to offer the first Hemp Essential Oil Forward Contracts of their kind; available both for professionals, as well as small and large investors alike (hedge funds and institutional investors please inquire about our Liquid Banking Program). Hemp Essential Oil Forward Contracts and their corresponding digital paper script are harbinger of a true economic revolution. Thanks to the modern renaissance of the hemp international market; participants can now have a way to guaranty in advance the steadiness of their future supply of superior hemp essential oils, while also saving on their actual cost. The prepayment of their future ''distilled harvest'' in advance allows our network of farmers and cultivators to plant with confidence and without fear that the fruits of their labor will remain unsold or will take too much time before returning them an actual profit.

    Since we produce many different varieties of the precious nectar; our clients will generally be given the right to choose amongst different types of essential oils; so please specify your preferred choice along with your initial order. The currently available different types of oils are all listed below, along with the list of their major terpenic constituents and a brief description of the scent and aroma written by a a team of chefs and perfume creators. Note also that due to natural variations from one harvest to the next; the smell and aroma of a specific hemp essential oil might slightly differ.

    Hemp Essential Oil Forward Contracts make not only for an innovative savings vehicle; but also for a great and purposeful gift idea, since their December 1st expiration deadline remains well ahead of the winter holiday season.

    Industrial growth requires agricultural expansion and the prepayment of anticipated future harvests facilitates agricultural expansion. Therefore the purchase of HSE's Hemp Essential Oil Forward Contracts actively contribute to the empowerment of both the agricultural community and industrial sectors; towards a more symbiotic and stable society.


    List of hemp essential oils currently available for 2016 forward contracts:

    Arlequin; Citrus-Apricot; Green Mango; PineApple

    Ingredient: 100% organic pure & natural hemp (Cannabis sativa) inflorescence essential oil

    High Terpenic Content; Cannabinoid Free (No THC)




    Our bestseller hemp essential oil holds its name from the popular french synthetic sweet Arlequin which does indeed taste similar. Its fragrance displays the attributes of a complete composition from aniseed to fruity, with a touch of incense, honey and ambergris. The subtly rich aroma even delivers delicate notes of black-pepper, cloves and pine.

    Major Terpenes:

    β-CARYOPHYLLENE 19.83 %

    SELINA-3,7-DIENE  15.69 %

    β-MYRCENE 7.75 %

    α-HUMULENE 7.27 %

    α-PINENE 3.52 %

    GERMACRENE B 3.48 %

    α-BISABOLENE 3.11 %

    α-Trans-BERGAMONTENE 2.98 %

    E-β-FARSENE 2.92 %

    LIMONENE 2.59 %




    While smelling a lot like the taste of the sweet Haribat, this essence is pleasantly made of citrus fragrances, combining tangerine, bitter orange zest, orange blossoms and apricot, melon and peach with a light note of liquorice.

    Major Terpenes:

    β-CARYOPHYLLENE 17.62 %

    β-MYRCENE 17 %

    α-PINENE 10%

    α-HUMULENE 6.59 %

    TERPINOLENE 6.04 %

    Trans-β-OCIMENE 5.38 %

    β-PINENE 2.78 %



    Green Mango


    While the green mango scent is prominent; there are also significant notes of pine, strawberry, jasmine, and sweet lemon.

    Major Terpenes:

    β-MYRCENE 29.31 %

    Trans-β-OCIMENE 18.04 %

    α-PINENE 13.98 %

    β-CARYOPHYLLENE 6.39 %

    TERPINOLENE 5.56 %

    α-PINENE 4.88 %

    Δ3-CARENE 3.66 %




    Both spicy and fruity, its warm scent smells like pineapple, like both pine AND apple; with notes of carrot, cinnamon, saffron, cade and green walnut; as well as touches of fresh mowed loan, fennel and even soap.

    Major Terpenes:

    β-MYRCENE 40.75 %

    TERPINOLENE 11.94 %

    α-PINENE 8.34%

    β-CARYOPHYLLENE 7.59 %

    Trans-β-OCIMENE 5.64 %

    LIMONENE 3.96 %

    β-PINENE 3.85 %

    β-HUMULENE 2.5 %

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