250 mL - (8.45351US fl oz)
Ingredients : organic agave syrup from Mexico ; hemp (Cannabis sativa) inflorescence essential oil.

Also known as aguamiel (= ''honey water''), agave syrup is the concentrated nectar, naturally sweet form the agave cactus, by filtering and evaporation of the sap at its core, called piña. 

Fructose rich, agave syrup is more assimilable than other sweetening products. It is a first choice carrier, in order to convey all the aromatic virtue of hemp inside numerous recipes. Hemp is recognized as the ''Queen of Plants'' (Rabelais, Tiers Livre), notably thanks to its capacity to unite together aromas otherwise existing separately inside the other plants of the vegetable kingdom.  

Because it bears the flavors of many syrups as one ; hemp syrup deserves well the title of Syrup of Syrups.

Hemp Syrup of Syrups

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