Ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil; organic hempseed oil; hemp inflorescence essential oil.

Both our hemp and our olive trees are cultivated in High Provence, France.

250 mL - 8.45 US fl oz

O. Oil - 250 mL

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  • It consists olive oil extra virgin cold pressed, hempseed oil and pure hempessential oil . Perfect for everyday use; it allows to slightly refine the taste of olive oil with a hemp notes.

    Olive OIl is mainly made of monounsaturated fatty acids which signifies that it richin the omega-9 fatty acid. On the other hand, hempseed oil is a more balanced oi lwhen it comes to essential fatty acids, since it contains a 3-to-1 ratio ofomega-6 and omega-3.

    Since very few foods contain omega-3 which are important for the brain and skin function; the use of hempseedoil is recommended as part of healthy and balanced diet; at least as much as olive oil.

    THetouch of hemp essential oil and its numerousactive principles bringa final note allowing to perfect the whole of it, for the joy of the young and the old alike.

    • Utilize raw or after cooing right before serving • Do not cook •

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