Pure essential oil is considered to be the holy grail of hemp (Cannabis sativa) derivatives as it is the most precious of all; since it takes the equivalent of a 100 grams of dry flowers to produce just 1 milliliter (approx. 1 gram).

Ingredient: 100% organic pure & natural hemp (Cannabis sativa) inflorescence essential oil

100 ml - 3.38 US fl oz

High Terpenic Content; Cannabinoid Free (No THC)

Top Terpenes:
β-CARYOPHYLLENE                        11.21 %
SELINA-3,7-DIENE                           10.24 %
β-MYRCENE                                    3.52 %
α-HUMULENE                                  7.46 %
α-PINENE                                         4.31 %
GERMACRENE B                              4.68 %
α-BISABOLENE                                2.59 %
α-Trans-BERGAMONTENE                 3.95 %
E-β-FARSENE                                  2.98 %
LIMONENE                                      2.64 %

Pure Hemp Essential Oil "Arlequin" - 100ml

  • Arlequin

    All our 100% pure & natural hemp essential oils are naturally high in terpenes, yet 100% cannabinoid-free; therefore 100% legal in all countries where industrial hemp is allowed.

    Our bestseller hemp essential oil holds its name from the popular french synthetic sweet Arlequin which does indeed taste similar. Its fragrance displays the attributes of a complete composition from aniseed to fruity, with a touch of incense, honey and ambergris. The subtly rich aroma even delivers strong notes of black-pepper, cloves and pine.

    Its terpenic profile includes beta-caryophyllene (20.5%); selina-3.7-diene (15.5%); myrcene (11.5%); alpha-pinene (10.5%); caryophyllene oxyde (6.5%); beta-pinene (4%); germacrene B (3.48%); humulene (3.5%); and alpha-bisabolene (3%).

    The advantage of hemp essential oil over cannabinoid extracts (BHO; supercritical CO2; DHO; EHO; RSO, “Rick Simpson” tincture) is that it is terpenes-rich yet does not contain any trace of cannabinoid. However, terpenes are necessary for an optimal assimilation of cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBN, CBG, etc...); so as to maximize their scope of action on the organism. The blending of hemp essential oil and cannabinoid extract can be referred to as a ''hemp-terpenes enriched cannabinoid extract''. It offers not only the possibility of modulating the combinations between the aroma from terpenes and the effect from cannabinoids, but it also allows to envision new medical applications joining cannabinoids to the principles of aromatherapy.


    Please contact us by email for custom service for larger quantity orders. Take notice that the names of the different essential oils are not those of the strains from which they originate; but rather reflect their aromatic characteristics.

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