-Therapeutic, Superfood, Cosmetic, Massage Oil, Hair Conditioner-

150 mL – 5.07 US fl oz 

Ingredients: organic hemp seed oil, organic hemp (Cannabis sativa) flowers essential oil.

Our terpenes enhanced hempseed oil boasts all the natural active principles of organic hempseed oil, while the addition of hemp essential oil not only allows for a finer scent and flavor; but also considerably extends the product's shelf life; thanks to its natural preserving properties, coupled with the light-proof container. Besides, the spray makes it a valuable tool in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom.

The many properties of hempseed oil include:
- Anibacterial,
- Antiviral,
- Antifungal,
- Antioxidant, 
- Anti-inflammatory,
- Skin regenerative,
- Cardioprotective.

Terpenes+ HempSeed Oil - 150 mL


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