According to the Art of the Apothecary-Perfumer... 


The diverse fragrances which plants exhibit are directly linked to its specific healing properties of various disease. This is also how medicine men and women of the ages have always naturally intuit on how to tell the applications of one plant from another. The direct correspondence between fragrance-aroma and the healing already utilized in the discipline of aromatherapy can now be taken to new levels using the naturally occurring synergy between terpenes and cannabinoids, inside a science we like to call cannaromatherapy.


Miracle Healing of the Nations

Holy men of old knew very well about the mighty power of hemp (Cannabis sativa). Indeed the healing from many various cancers and other alleged incurable diseases ; by what has recently been popularized as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) –in layman terms, hemp tincture or more generally hemp extracts–; is highly prophetic of the properties of the oil with which prophets of old performed miraculous healing. At Hemp Service International, we are devoted to bridge modern wisdom with ancient science in order to bring the best out of hemp, with due respects to the ancestral methods perfected by our predecessors; in the context of our present-day level of technological advances.

A New Pollution-Free Indus-Tree

Even if our initial focus lays in deploying the healing of the nations to its full potential; we are not only developing hemp for the innovative responses to problems which were until then solution-less; but also for to improve existing line of products; improving both the quality/efficiency, the customer's prices, and/or the producers' margins, compared to non-hemp alternatives. Indeed hemp is leading to a multi-sector industry with a business model focused on the distribution of accessible, high-quality goods; away from any harmful pollution. All our creations only use high quality ingredients; looking to only pair hemp with other organic and/or sustainable components; so as to keep its intrinsic qualities intact and unaltered.


Terpenes-Cannabinoid Synergy

Hemp is the only plant which contains both all known cannabinoids –THC, CBD, CBG, CBN,...–, as well as terpenes/terpenoids –caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, humulene, etc....–. Each cannabinoid or terpene is known for specific properties targeted towards different diseases and specific conditions. Furthermore, terpenes are necessary to improve the assimilation of cannabinoids by the organism. Because both the terpenes and cannabinoids exist together inside the plant, our choice of terpenes-rich hemp essential oils are key ingredients inside most of our compositions; thus recreating the synergy of the active principles of the plant freshly cut, at the heights of its healing potential, in a packaged form.


Hemp Terpenes-Enriched Products

Therefore, our products containing cannabinoids (THC below 0.2%) stemming from already dried hemp material are usually systematically optimized, by the addition of 100% pure and natural hemp-terpenes, often with the very essential oil distilled from the same exact strains from which the cannabinoids are extracted. The addition of hemp essential oil –in the right proportion– is essential to approximate as exactly as possible the natural qualities of hemp in its fresh form; right when its healing aid potential is the highest. Even if it is cannabinoid-free; hemp essential oil stemming from hot temperature-low pressure distillation is so rich in terpenes that it is a key component for many of our products.



As the sole plant known in existence with an aroma stretching over 60 active terpenes –instead of 10 for all the other plants of the vegetable realm–; hemp, through its many varieties, can theoretically recreate appealing organic bouquets exhibiting all the fragrances and aromas existing throughout nature (pine, citrus, rose, mango); as well as those stemming from chemical synthesis (diesel, phenol, diacetyl). In aromatherapy, each aroma corresponds to specific terpenic aspects with their own specific targeted applications in aromatherapy. Therefore check the terpenic profile for each of the essential oils utilized inside our products and match it to each terpene's properties (cf. Main Terpenes Description inside the Art&Facts section) to see which one best suits your needs.


Legal Disclaimer & Cautionary Statements

All the products listed on the site contain either no THC or below 0.2%, in due compliance with the laws of the majority of countries. Even though we closely collaborate with accredited doctors and medicals, this site's purpose is not to diagnose patients or conflict with any ongoing treatments. Even if hemp is known to be nonallergic and without any undesirable secondary effects, one shall still consult a professional physician, in order to confirm our products are well suited for one's condition. In order to maximize the healing aid procured by our products, we also recommend our clients looking to improve or maintain their well-being to check the benefits of a strict nutrition, based on Dr Sebi's nutritional guide (as found in the Art&Facts section), as well as to be consistently diligent in their spiritual evolution's path.