Promotional Offers only apply to HSI retail products. This does not include Equipment, Accesories and Wholesale products for which orders must be placed separately than those making use of the Promotional Offers.




Free Worlwide Shipping For Every Retail Order Above 25€, Using The Coupon Code: FREEDELIVERY

Free Worlwide Shipping And 5%-Off For Every Retail Order Above 50€, Using The Coupon Code: -5%&DELIVERY



Free Worlwide Shipping And 10%-Off For Every Retail Order Above 100€, Using The Coupon Code: -10%&DELIVERY



Free Worlwide Shipping And 15%-Off For Every Retail Order Above 200€, Using The Coupon Code: -15%&DELIVERY



Free Worlwide Shipping and 20%-Off For Every Retail Order Above 300€, Using The Coupon Code: -20%&DELIVERY


Lifetime 50%-Off For Every Retail Order After 10th Purchase (Order)

Or 1,000€ In Cumulated Purchases, Using The Coupon Code: GOODNESS4LIFE

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The purpose of Hemp Service International (HSI) Hub is to improve the living condition of everyone via education and culture, around the trading and distribution of sustainable legal hemp & derivatives.

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