Recreating Original Synergy

There are multiple types of active principles in hemp (Latin Cannabis sativa) which interact in perfect synergy an entourage: cannabinoids, terpenes/terpenoids and flavanoids. Each strain is made out of a specific combination of some of the 113 known cannabinoids, along with a modulation of some of the 203 identified terpenes/terpenoids (out of the 400+ identified in nature, so far). Since there is a 60% loss of terpenes during the drying process, while terpenes are known to improve the assimilation of cannabinoids by the organism; our terpenes rich hydrodistillation hemp essential oil allow extracts to approach the original symbiotic balance present in the plant in its natural form.


100% Pure & Natural Legal Cannabis Essential Oil

Terpenic essential oils stemming from high-temperature/low-pressure distillations are not to be confused with cannabinoid extracts from water, solvents or high-pressure/low-temperature gaseous extractions, such as BHO, DHO, EHO or supercritical CO2; especially those made from well dried flowers. To schematize, the terpenes in essential oil mostly account for both the fragrances and the aromas; whereas the cannabinoids in extracts have more to do with the different effects on the organism and on the mind (Cf. 7 Differences Chart below). However this does not mean that terpenes are ineffective; quite the opposite indeed...


Terpenes: the Active Principle in Aromatherapy

Indeed, being 100% cannabinoid-free does not mean that cannabis essential oil has no effect on the organism or even on the mind! In aromatherapy, for instance, hemp essential oil is sought after for the numerous properties of its various terpenic combinations. Even though cannabis essential oil is deprived of any cannabinoids which remain inside the plant during the distillation process; its high terpenic content is said to procure users a pleasant subtle effect.

Improvement from Previous Method

The terpenes contained inside hemp essential oil are known to improve the assimilation of CBD and other cannabinoids by the organism. Until now, the best cannabinoid extracts were achieved by adding non-cannabis food grade terpenes to extracts coming the extraction of dried or decaboxylated floral material. So, rather than mixing non-cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids together, or even adding back to them only the 40% of the total amount of original terpenes left after desiccating (drying) before decarboxylation; we systematically call upon the use cannabis terpenes/terpenoids already present inside cannabis essential oil, obtained by the distillation of fresh legal cannabis flowers. The result is an unprecedented 100% cannabis-based terpenes cannabinoid extract, with inner properties approximating, as much as possible, those of the plant in its natural growing state!...

Cannabis Essential Oil + Cannabinoid Extract

Cannabis Terpenic Cannabinoids Extract

Adding cannabis essential oil (terpenic distillate) to cannabinoid extracts, creates a third type of product known under many different names such as “terpenic cannabinoids extract” or “essential extract”. It is the ultimate expression of the full healing potentiality inside the hemp plant; in the sense that it combines the full range of properties from various terpenes with those from cannabinoids. This opens up the door to a new era for legal cannabis derivatives; for in theory, one can now customize the therapeutic target modulations of a finished product by choosing both the terpenic profile (fragrance) from one specific strain(s) and the combination of cannabinoids (effect) from others.


Improving Cannabinoid Extracts

It is true that cannabinoid extracts lacking sufficient terpenic content are somehow like the crust without the pie! Indeed terpenic cannabinoid extracts, produced adding hemp essential oil to cannabinoid extracts in the right proportion, is the latest improvement in the realm of the most recent innovative applications with hemp derivatives. The synergy among terpenes and cannabinoids preexisting in the plant in its natural state (before drying) allows for a better assimilation of the cannabinoids by the organism.


Ancient Alchemical Knowledge

The principle inherent to terpenic cannabinoid extracts is similar to the science behind the reason why, in numerous areas of the world, people inhale freshly dried hemp. In La Réunion for instance, the local Zamal strain is often cut and just left out to dry on a stone, at the sun just for the day, before combustion. The similarly high terpenic content preserved by such a method is one of the contributing factors at the source of the Zamal original legendary power.


Restored Freshness

Therefore not only can cannabis essential oil find applications blended with cannabinoid extracts to better both the effects and the fragrance; but it can also serve to make available the original terpenic content to buds which have already been dried for weeks. For instance, eating fresh flowers or the use hemp essential oil are known to effectively help in case of diabetes; whereas the ingestion or combustion of dried hemp does not!


King of Fragrances

Hemp (Latin Cannabis sativa) is also unique because it can exhibit many different fragrances and aromas. Indeed the main terpenes responsible for its aromatic identity are known to originate from a list of sixty, instead of ten for all the other plants. The great terpenic diversity accessible through the hemp genus is such that its essential oils possess the potential to create bouquets of food-grade flavors and fragrances reminiscent of those existing naturally in the mineral, vegetable, animal, and even synthetic realms; but all 100% organic! On top of that cannabis essential oil is considered by many to be anti-allergenic, even if it contains constituents which are themselves registered as allergenic!

A Few Drops Suffice

Only a minimal amount of essential oil needs to be mixed to cannabinoid extracts. As it is the norm within aromatherapy, we recommend that diluted extracts never go beyond 2% essential oil. Essential oil being an hydrocarbon with inflammable properties, its handling shall be conducted by professionals with the proper knowledge and accreditations.


A Variety of Applications

The viscosity of an extract is indicative of the level of its terpenic content. Terpenes rich extracts tend to be more liquid whereas terpenes-poor extracts tend to be more powdery. Therefore it makes sense to add cannabis essential oil to any extract which was not made from fresh flowers; since it improves the assimilation of cannabinoids by the organism while contributing to liquefy the texture at the same time. As further illustration of the potential of our hemp essential oil: one drop used with a Volcano vaporizer can fill up to five balloons! But it does stop here: hemp essential oil also serves to give food and drinks the taste and flavor of herb (three drops per liter suffice). The possibilities are almost endless, so please refer to the List of Hemp Essential Oil Facts document below, for further suggestions on the different ways of using it safely.

100% Pure & Natural

Legal Cannabis Essential Oils

List of  Cannabis Essential Oil (Spicy Lollipop) Facts:


  • Alpha-pinene, itself present in noticeable quantity, is an effective anti-inflammatory, useful in the face of chronic pain. It also is antiproliferative. It is as well known for helping memory retention and to facilitate concentration, on top of serving as a tonic and a stimulant;

  • It contains a significant percentage of beta-caryophillene which is a powerful antiproliferative;

  • Even if it is tested cannabinoid free, its considerable percentage of myrcene and caryophyllene oxyde allows to render more effective the assimilation of cannabinoids (ie: CBD) by the organism;

  • It instantaneously dissipates burns;

  • It also serves as an acne suppressor, as well as a reducer of skin irritations and allergic reactions;

  • Directly applied on an herpes from the very first symptoms, it prevents its apparition; or instantaneously dries it out, if it had already emerged;

  • It is very active in the domain of endocrine disorders;

  • It allows the increase of the resistance of the cell to viral penetration;

  • It is known to reduce stress, improves optimism and helps against moderate insomnia which in turn leads to favor good mood and self-esteem;

  • In water, it is utilized as a buccal solution; against toothache, for brushing teeth, or just as breath freshener

  • First and foremost, not only it is the naturally organic vehicle for the aroma and the fragrance of hemp, without any prohibited constituent ; but it also gives access to a wealth of natural olfactory compositions which diversity is in proportion with the multiplicity of chemotypes arrangements from the many distinct strain;

  • It is a binder of the components of a perfume creation and the best fragrance fixative which also makes the smell hold and last the longest;

  • It is the key ingredient for high-end cosmetic creations (creams, unguents, soaps, incense, candles), the improvement or the dynamization of existing product lines; in substantial doses to give character to the final rendering, or in infinitesimal doses to enhance the most subtle aromatic notes;

  • It is an alimentary aroma of which one drop suffices to improve any culinary preparation or gastronomic recipe, sauces, doughs of pastry creations and inside drinks. In sufficient quantities, it gives dishes the flavor of Marrakesh butter without any unwanted second-hand effect;

  • By vaporization (aerosol or diffuser), it is a deodorizer which cleanses and purifies the air by its antiviral action;

  • Inside bath water, jacuzzi, swimming-pool, or for Turkish bath vapor;

  • Its soothing anti-inflammatory properties make it a key additive to incorporate inside massage oils aimed at alleviating muscular fatigue;

  • It gives the laundry an enjoyable smell and texture when added to washing machine water;

  • Its strong grease-removing action makes it suitable to the conception of cleansing products;

  • It works fine as an insecticide and a natural repulsive;

  • Diluted with water and applied in spray, it is a very good fungicide to protect plants;

  • In aromatherapy, it is directly utilized with an inhalator of the Volcano type (1 drop suffices to fill up to 5 balloons worth of steam);

  • Added to dilutions of raw cannabinoid extracts (2%), it provides all the 60% of terpenes lost during the drying process which get captured by distillation of fresh flowers. This allows to get closer to the terpenes-cannabinoid synergy which exists inside the plant in its natural growing state.


• Highly inflammable • Keep out of reach from young children •

Our 100% Pure & Natural Cannabis Essential Oils stem from the steam hydrodistillation of various terpenes-rich legal hemp strains; resulting in a line of nine types of distinct cannabis essences, all with their own distinctive aromatic properties (terpenic profiles available below):​ Felina 32; Felina/Fedora 17; Futura 75 from Aubenas ; Futura from Piedmont; Futura 75 from Provence; Himalayan Heirloom; Kompolti; Futura from Rhône;  Santhica 27 ; Walliser Queen; and Carmagnola CS from Provence. They are available in various sizes: 1 ml, 1.5 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml, 20 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml, and 1 liter;  Our Cannabis Essential Oils are available for purchase at the Online Store, for both retail and wholesale volumes (wholesale volumes are to be found inside the "Industrial Derivatives" section.


Contrary to common opinion, the qualities of hydrodistillates stemming from low-THC hemp varieties are similar to those from high THC strains, or resulting from sinsemilla cultures. Only the quantities differ, with the two latter being more productive than the former.


For those who prefer ready-to-use cosmetics applications which embody our hemp essential oils in a natural oil-based perfume form, we suggest you to check out our Virgin Origin line of multi-use unguents, our (hemp) Qanaromatix, our  Hemp Infused Olive OilHemp Infused Coconut Oil, and Hemp Infused Hempseed Oil; as well as our new exclusive line of Hemp Elixirs (coming up soon), and our TripleOils (Hemp Terpenes-Cannabidiol-Hempseed Oil) which are available in a variety of terpenic profiles.

Pure cannabis essential oil is considered to be the holy grail of hemp (Cannabis sativa, indica & ruderalis L.) derivatives, as it is the most precious of all; for it takes the equivalent of 500 to a 80 grams of dry flowers to produce just 1 milliliter (approximately 1 gram) of it (between 0.2 to 1.25 % yield)!

At HSI, we are specialized in the production, analysis, and distribution of the best pure hemp distillates on the market. True hemp essential oil, after the ancestral art of the apothecary-perfumer of old, requires knowledge and expertise; right from the cultivation and culture of certified organic legal cannabis, all the way up to its harvesting at perfect maturation, coupled with a timely distillation.

Indeed long ago, our forefathers were already obtaining more superior healing results than a lot of modern-day physicians, without all the cumbersome pipework of present-day supercritical CO2 extraction machines and so-called technology.

The exceptional quality of our essential oils is also directly linked to the relatively high level of sunshine for our plantations which is virtually guaranteed by the fact that the majority of our fields is conveniently located below the 44° latitude, in the heart of the Mediterranean climate.

All our cannabis essential oils are high in terpenic content, yet contain no cannabinoid (no THC); hence are 100% percent legal in country where hemp is legal.

Forward Contracts can be used to secure the anticipated future delivery of the precious nectar, at a discount, off the actual current cash price, so please send us your inquiry by mail.

List of  Terpenic Modulations Summaries for

Our Legal Cannabis Essential Oils 

(Elements with at Least  2.5%)



 In order to access the complete terpenic profiles for all strains​, click here.

- Citrus-Apricot


Pure Hemp Essential Oil with Naturally Occurring "Citrus-Apricot" Fragrance:

β-CARYOPHYLLENE                                              17.62 %

β-MYRCENE                                                             17.00 %

α-PINENE                                                                 10.00 %

α-HUMULENE                                                           6.50 %

TERPINOLENE                                                           6.04 %

Trans-β-OCIMENE                                                    5.38 %

β-PINENE                                                                   2.78 %

CARYOPHYLLENE OXYDE                                      2.54 %



- Green Mango

Pure Hemp Essential Oil with Naturally Occurring "Green Mango" Fragrance:

β-MYRCENE                                                             29.31 %                                                    

Trans-β-OCIMENE                                                  18.04 %

α-PINENE                                                                 13.98 %

β-CARYOPHYLLENE                                                6.39 %

TERPINOLENE                                                           5.56 %

β-PINENE                                                                   4.88 %

Δ3-CARENE                                                                3.66 %

- Hazelnut-Red Berries

Pure Hemp Essential Oil with Naturally Occurring "Hazelnut-Red Berries" Fragrance:

β-MYRCENE                                                             36.76 %

α-PINENE                                                                 14.80 %

β-CARYOPHYLLENE                                               10.20%

TERPINOLENE                                                           8.41%

β-PINENE                                                                   5.19 %

LIMONENE                                                                 4.23 %

Trans-β-OCIMENE                                                    3.88 %

α-HUMULENE                                                           3.19 %

- Honey-Absinthe

Pure Hemp Essential Oil with Naturally Occurring "Honey-Absinthe" Fragrance:

β-CARYOPHYLLENE                                               31.44 %

TERPINOLENE                                                          14.86 %

α-HUMULENE                                                           8.65 %

α-PINENE                                                                   5.31 %

β-MYRCENE                                                              4.46 %

β-OCIMENE                                                               3.86 %

E-β-FARNESENE                                                       3.63 %

β,trans-BERGAMOTENE                                           2.96 %

- Kumquat-Nutmeg

Pure Hemp Essential Oil with Naturally Occurring "Kumquat-Nutmeg" Fragrance:

β-MYRCENE                                                             18.05 %

TERPINOLENE                                                         17.54 %

β-CARYOPHYLLENE                                              15.50 %

α-PINENE                                                                  9.44 %

Trans-β-OCIMENE                                                   8.84 %

α-HUMULENE                                                          4.41 %

β-PINENE                                                                  3.66 %

∆3-CARENE                                                               3.5 %                                              

- Liquorice-Anis


Pure Hemp Essential Oil with Naturally Occurring "Liquorice-Anis" Fragrance:

β-MYRCENE                                                              29.48 %

TERPINOLENE                                                          13.74 %

β-OCIMENE                                                               11.62 %

β-CARYOPHYLLENE                                                11.19 %

α-PINENE                                                                    8.13 %

α-HUMULENE                                                            3.34 %

β-PINENE                                                                    3.31 %

- PineApple


Pure Hemp Essential Oil with Naturally Occurring "PineApple" Fragrance:                                            β-MYRCENE                                                             40.75 %

TERPINOLENE                                                         11.94 %

α-PINENE                                                                   8.34 %

β-CARYOPHYLLENE                                                7.59 %

Trans-β-OCIMENE                                                     5.64 %

LIMONENE                                                                 3.96 %

β-PINENE                                                                    3.85 %

β-HUMULENE                                                            2.50 %

- Spicy Lollipop

Pure Hemp Essential Oil with Naturally Occurring "Spicy Lollipop" Fragrance:

β-CARYOPHYLLENE                                               11.21 %

β-MYRCENE                                                             10.24 %

α-PINENE                                                                   9.72 %

SELINA-3,7-DIENE & SELINENE ISOMERE            7.46 %

α-GUAIENE + TERPINENE-4-OL                             4.31 %

α-HUMULENE                                                            4.68 %

LIMONENE                                                                  2.59 %

β-PINENE                                                                     3.95 %

α-Trans-BERGAMONTENE                                        2.98 %

E-β-FARNESENE                                                         2.84 %

Trans-β-OCIMENE                                                      2.64 %

CARYOPHYLLENE OXYDE                                        2.58 %

- Strawberry

Pure Hemp Essential Oil with Naturally Occurring "Strawberry" Fragrance:

α-PINENE                                                                24.89 %

β-MYRCENE                                                            15.43 %

TERPINOLENE                                                         14.86 %

β-CARYOPHYLLENE                                                9.02 %

β-PINENE                                                                   6.98 %

α-HUMULENE                                                           4.61 %

β-OCIMENE                                                               3.86 %

CARYOPHYLLENE OXYDE                                      2.63%

Please go to the store section if you wish to have your own essential oil sample tested by laboratories currently equipped to effect the most accurate chromatographic analysis; with usually at least 99.85% of the elements all identified and listed along with their respective quantities, by order of decreasing abundance.