Hemp Seed Bank

If it is low in THC, then it ought to be high in something else!...


Certified Hemp Seeds


So far, we focus on the distribution of the seeds for the 54 strains authorized within the EU, as listed inside the official catalog and in the limit of their availability –which is a story in itself!–. All the certified hemp seeds we carry are guaranteed with a THC ratio lower than 0.2%; in due compliance with EU rules and regulations, as well as those of most countries in the world.


Check out the domestic laws of your country, as most require that hemp fields larger than a certain size be registered both to the local agricultural chamber and police precinct. As we do our best in order to help organize the hemp seed market, the lack of regularity for the availability of a specific strain constrains us to ask all our customers to order, if possible, at least a year in advance. Soon we will introduce Hemp Seed Futures Contracts in an attempt to establish more refined standards of conducting business between seed producers and purchasers alike. Email us for larger size orders and/or if you are looking for a specific strain which is not currently listed.


While hemp is predominantly dioecious –with the male and the female found on separate plants–; there are however natural occurrences of monoecious plants within dioecious strains. Monoecious plants bear flowers of both sexes. Monoecious hemp strains are the result of long breeding efforts on the part of French, Polish, Romanian and Ukrainian breeders to increase the seed/grain productivity. Below is our current list of available hemp seeds for both monoecious and dioecious strains :



- Fedora 17;

- Felina 32;

- Férimon;

- Futura 75;

- Ivory;

- Markant;

- Santhica 23;

- Santhica 27;

- Secuieni Jubileu;

- USO-31; and



- Carmagnola;

- Dioica 88;

- KC Virtus;

- Kompolti.

​As per current rules and regulations, seed certificates only come with 25-kg bags of authorized seeds.


All those hemp seed varieties are available for purchase at the Online Store. As much as possible, is provided a thorough datasheet of the detailed characteristics for each strain. Grain yield depends on a wide range of factors: climate, soil, nutrients availability, sowing period, harvest timing ; among other variables. Environmental factors aside, genetics account for the greatest differences among the various hemp strains. For instance, some monecious varieties are known for yielding up to 70% more grain than certain dioecious strains.


Hemp stands at the center of biodiversity. It is a key element for companion planting in your vegetable garden; as it serves as an efficient natural pest repellent (noticeably against the many beetles which attack brassicas).


Once the hemp harvested, the decomposing of its roots inside the soil serves to replenish it in nitrogen and organic matter.


Hemp is useful to remove ground pollution and is even known to totally decontaminate radioactive soils in less than two harvests, without finding any trace of radioactivity in the harvested material.