Matteo M.

Just tried your terpenes..are the best!!! I love pineapple express..very very happy with this!! Thanks ill buy more soon! I wish you had THC product.. Thanks and bless

Nicolas C.


OK merci colis bien reçu et testé nickel![...]

A signaler qu'avec un bon vapo la Pink Cheese (est-ce la fameuse Finola?) fait très bien l'affaire pour les contractures musculaires dues à une maladie dégénérescente.

Bien cordialement, merci encore de votre gentillesse,


Alix J.

I find the hsi hub stuff to be FAR better quality, it's the difference to me between bush buds and hydro stuff. The hsi hub buds look like slightly stalkier, skinnier buds, but they are VERY sticky, they vape for about 4 times the time that a Kanapinis vape bowl will last. ;) I find some pretty great calming effects when vaping a full bowl, I am using for chronic pain, spasticity and restless arms and legs, it seems to help quite a bit. It is also great to 'cut' at a 1:1 with some cough,cough as it seems to get the best effects off both. :)

François V.

I suffer of Crohn desease since 15 years

The Spagyrix really helps me out

Since a take Sapgyrix 9% I don't suffer from the my rumatithm wich is a big side effect of Crohn

I still take my médicale treatment, but i've been able to decrease to 50% the dosage and i feel fine.

It's very heplful for autoimmune disease.


François V

Klaus A.
your liquid-CBDab is great!! It is the best addidive I ever have used! Thank u for offering it.
I am proud, that I found your company in www!!
You must know: Dronabinol is 99 % THC, no other cannabinoids and no terpenes. Therefore I was searching for alternatives. If you ever used Cannabis in another way before, you know, that Dronabinol is bullshit !!
But now, with your liquid-CBDab I get the full range back!
I am just a little bit sorry, that I didn't know before and ordered your Clear CBDab, instead of the Solid CBDab or some other kind (tastes) of liquid CBDab...
Thank u

Stefan M.

Because in terms of the quality and the price.. all have to be happy. And the taste from the weed from our "testorder" in december.. was one of the best tastes from cbd outdoor plants, i've ever had.. 


Hi yes the package came in the late afternoon...i love them (Assorted Buds)....they smell delicious & my customers will love them too....yes thank u i look forward to the terpenes and the no. 5 ....

Kind regards

Marcin W.

I wrote you a few days ago about my parcel. I am glad to say it was delivered yesterday.

The product (Jasmine Haze, High-Grade Aromatic Buds from Certified Seeds) is of very good quality, well cured, with intensive smell and taste. Works very well for anxiety.

I struggled for years to find hemp buds like yours, always getting leaf tea with seeds and stalks. Your hemp buds are just perfect.

Thank you