Hemp Service International, HSI, is born out of humanity's necessity of upholding hemp as a pillar of biodiversity, ecology and sustainable efficient economics towards the distribution of goods to everyone, without discrimination.


The HSI label is the culmination of the devotion from all the top experts we have gathered thus far; having come together as one, in order to deliver superior service and products, using hemp as an engine for practical innovation towards the improvement of the living conditions of all, without exception.

Indeed hemp is useful not only to create new products responding to an existing need left unsatisfied by the market until then, but also serves well at improving current lines of products already in place, both in terms of quality and often also in terms of end prices and margins, or both.


The HSI label is the ultimate sign of both impeccable quality and knowledgeable consultancy made possible by our extensive network of international hemp producers, as well as artisans, scientists, distributors, regulators, and passionate hemp people, all over the world.


As the hemp industry is moving away from its infancy towards more developed phases, we know hemp traders, distributors and retailers rely on consistency in terms of both quality, quantity and guaranteed supply over time; and therefore this is what we thrive to deliver.

As we know education to be key, we are also responsible for shining the light on both the physical and metaphysical processes implied by the culture of hemp (L. cannabis).  Eventually the appropriate panel of scientists, spiritual authorities, and law makers shall jointly decide the righteous terms according to which the King of Cash Crops may benefit society to the whole extend of its full potentiality.

Please contact us if you wish to make hemp's service to humanity effective in this time.