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Complete-Range Hemp Terpenes

& Cannabidiol Hempseed Oil

Our Hemp-Infused Complete-Range Hemp Terpenes-CBD Hempseed Oil assembles the active principles from hemp in four different forms:

- 1. Certified Organic Hempseed Oil;

- 2. Certified Organic Hemp Plant;

- 3. Certified Organic Spagyric Cannabinoid Extracts (Cold Organic Alcohol Extraction), 8%; choice of :

  • 4% Raw Extract, or

  • 8 % Refined (Gold) Extract ;

- 4. Organic Hydrodistillation Hemp Essential Oils, 2%.

Our Hemp-Infused Complete-Range Hemp Terpenes-CBD Hempseed Oil represents the perfect balance between ancient traditional know-how and modern progress, with the very best from both.


Our Hemp-Infused Complete-Range Hemp Terpenes-CBD Hempseed Oil allies the entourage effect from hemp infusion which uses the natural solvents present inside hempseed oil, as a mean of extraction; in synergy effect, with those from our 100% pure and natural Cannabis sativa essential oils from multiples cultivars, in proportion of 20mg/ml (2%), reinforced by 80mg/ml (8%) of the best and most pristine spagyric extract currently available on the market. Least but not last, the hempseed oil provides the precious essential fatty acids; with omega 3, 6, and 9 in perfect proportions.


Our Hemp-Infused Complete-Range Hemp Terpenes-CBD Hempseed Oil exists in multiples formats:

10 ml (802mg CBD & 201mg Terpenes/Terpenoids);


30 ml (2,406mg CBD & 603mg Terpenes/Terpenoids);

100 ml (8,020mg CBD & 2,010mg Terpenes/Terpenoids);


200 ml (16,040mg CBD & 4,020mg Terpenes/Terpenoids);

1 l (80,200mg CBD & 20,100mg Terpenes/Terpenoids);

As well as wholesale volumes.

100% Legal (THC lower than 0.2%)

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The purpose of Hemp Service International (HSI) Hub is to improve the living condition of everyone via education and culture, around the trading and distribution of sustainable legal hemp & derivatives.

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